We have complete refrigeration solutions for the supermaket cooling requirements. Our solutions serves your refrigerated cabinets, showcases, refrigerated islands, ice machines, and your cold rooms as well.

We do serve the whole facility by our central power packs + related remote condensers or we do serve it by unitary solutions; the air cooled or water cooled condensing units, complete with related digital controls and refrigeration accessories.


(Restaurants, Hotel Kitchens, Distribution Cold Rooms, Rental Cold Stores …)

In additiong to the above applications, dry stores, medicine cold rooms, processing rooms, corridors, packing rooms and more of any size of cold storage from 5m3 up to thousands of cubic meters cold stores, can been served by our unitary solutions, complete with condensing units, unit coolers control panels boards, and with full set refrigeration accessories, we do serve from our wide range of stocks we maintain for prompt refrigeration installations and requirements.


For facilities with large storage capacity, multiple large size rooms, or even small rooms but with countable number of rooms with considerable high refrigeration load required, we do offer both; large unitary solutions or central refrigeration systems.

The systems can be air cooled systems or even water cooled ones.

We do also offer dual temperature application systems.


Our systems are maintain the temperature of any space and control it from +25oC down to -40oC we do control the temperature of production halls, processing rooms, packing rooms. Also we are specialists in blast chilling and blast freezing applications, i.e. blast freezing of fish/meat/chicken/pastry products or any food item produc, or blast chilling of any processed hot food products.

We, through our refrigeration team and our industrial partners, can design and custom manufacture any special requirments, not limited to standard range of equipmetns.

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